The Leiya Experience

Leiya offers so much more than a traditional mental health clinic. From our thoughtfully-designed spaces to our multidisciplinary care model and collaborative medical records, every detail of the Leiya experience has been carefully considered and chosen to provide a modern, efficient, and integrated approach to mental health care.

A Haven for the
Whole Family

Our Downtime Lounge was designed with busy families in mind. The Lounge has plenty of space for families to relax, work, or play in-between sessions. Privacy Pods are also available for those times when you need to focus or just want to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Growth happens when people feel safe and comfortable. Our therapy spaces have the calming colors, soft textures, and cozy furniture that make it easy for kids to relax and engage. We’ve seamlessly integrated technology into our therapy rooms so that we can deliver modern care without sacrificing that cozy feel.

We have the biggest and best occupational therapy gym around. Our gym is fully-equipped with the latest equipment, including climbing structures, swings, sensory integration tools and fine motor stations. Every detail was chosen by Leiya’s clinical team to foster skill-building, growth, and confidence.

Collaborative Treatment
Made Easy

Our comprehensive diagnostic evaluations are the most thorough and insightful assessments available. Evaluations are overseen by a neuropsychologist and delivered by a multidisciplinary team equipped with the newest strategies, tools and technologies. We consider context provided by you and other people in your child’s life in addition to the observations made by our experienced clinicians.

Your family will have a chance to sit down the Leiya team to go over any insights gained during the evaluation. You’ll walk away with a comprehensive report to refer to whenever you face a decision about your child’s care, now or in the future.

Family Leads coordinate care pathways, advocate for your child at school or with other medical offices, and are there for you when questions come up. Families are matched with a Lead at the beginning of care and that person will be your go-to throughout your time in Leiya’s care.

Our clinical team creates a personalized care pathway for each and every Leiya family. Care pathways include the combination of services that will be most impactful and help your family reach your specific treatment goals.

The majority of our care is delivered in person at one of Leiya’s space, but some care pathways may also include school visits, home visits or treatment in real-world settings. We believe in face-to-face care, but we know it isn’t alway possible to come into the clinic. We do supplement in-person treatment with virtual and hybrid options.

Every Leiya family has access to our medical records portal, which makes it easy to  stay on the same page with your team about schedules, goals and progress. We can also use the portal to communicate with pediatricians, teachers, or anyone else that you want to keep in the loop.

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