Our Process

Our six-step process ensures that your family gets the highest-quality care for the right amount of time.


Connect with a Clinician

When you’re ready to get started, reach out and schedule a call with one of our clinicians. This initial 20-30 minute conversation is focused on learning more about your family’s needs. It’s a great opportunity to connect with to an experienced clinician, and it’s totally free!

Get Started


Complete an Evaluation

Leiya’s comprehensive diagnostic evaluations are delivered by our neuropsychologist and designed to give our team an in-depth look at your child’s strengths and challenges. Insights from the evaluation enable our team to create a streamlined, evidence-informed care pathway that fits your family.


Review Your Care Pathway

Each evaluation culminates in a report that is full of insights and information that help us better understand your child.  Insights from this report can also be shared with schools, pediatricians, and any other important people in your child’s life. Before treatment begins, we’ll sit down together to go over our findings in detail and outline the care pathway we’ve created for you.


Join Our Community

Our unique membership model simplifies payment and enables us to provide a higher-level of care. Leiya community members pay one set fee that covers all of your treatment and more. Members get a designated Family Lead to coordinate care, plus access to an online portal that makes communication easy. Between sessions, Leiya members are welcome to spend time in our Downtime Lounge or attend any of our workshops, groups or community events for no additional charge.

Membership Details


Collaborate on Care

No one knows your child better than you, which is one of the reasons we collaborate with families throughout the whole treatment process. You’ll meet regularly with your team to review progress and revise your goals. We’ve invested in building a custom online portal that makes it easy to communicate with your Leiya care team and share important updates with your child’s school or other doctors.


Graduate from Leiya

Our care pathways are designed to help families meet all of their treatment goals as efficiently as possible. When your family is ready to move on, we’ll celebrate your progress and prepare for graduation!

Once a Leiya family, always a Leiya family. Our grads are welcome (and encouraged!) to visit us for workshops, skill-building  groups or community events. Your care team will be available for check-ins and ongoing maintenance too.

Want to Know More?

Check out some frequently asked questions (and answers) below.

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