A Better Way to Deliver Care

We know how frustrating it can be for doctors and families when a child is struggling and no one knows how to help.

Sometimes, the only thing pediatricians can do is refer families to a list of specialists and hope that one of them is taking new patients.

We’ve been there as both parents and practitioners. We’ve seen firsthand how this system is failing families and exhausting medical professionals.

Every part of Leiya – from our treatment spaces to our technology to our care model – has been designed to simplify the process and provide more efficient and effective mental health care for families.

The Leiya Way is a Better Way

Collaboration. Communication. Quality care.

Leiya’s multidisciplinary, measurement-informed care model addresses a broad range of childhood mental health issues – from assessment through treatment and follow up. We aim to reduce stress for parents and pediatricians and improve our patients’ lives now and in the future by providing prompt interventions and quality care.

Ready to Refer a Family to Leiya?
Answer a few quick questions in our HIPAA-compliant referral form and our care team will reach out to your referral soon. Thank you!