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Our transparent membership model makes it easy to plan and pay for care. Leiya members pay one set rate that covers all of the treatment in their care pathway, and provides access to other services and member benefits. The cost varies based on your family’s care pathway, but you’ll always know what to expect before beginning care.

A Better Way to Deliver Care
Our membership model not only simplifies the payment process, it also makes it possible for us to provide an unparalleled level of care. Studies show that mental health care takes more than a few sessions to be effective. When you commit to a Leiya membership, our team can design a plan just for your family and deliver the kind of intentional care that we know leads to significant growth and change.

Setting a Strong Foundation

We recommend that families complete one of our comprehensive diagnostic evaluations before beginning care. The goal of this evaluation is to provide our team with a thorough understanding of your family’s unique strengths and challenges. Insights from the evaluation create a solid foundation for care and enable us design the most efficient and effective care pathway for your family. Evaluations are a one-time investment that is separate from the cost of membership.

Leiya Members Also Have Access To:

A Designated Family Lead
All members are assigned a Family Lead who will be your point-person for scheduling sessions, managing care, and advocating for your family.
Our Downtime Lounge
Leiya's Downtime Lounge is a bright and spacious place to work, play, or just hang-out between sessions. Privacy Pods are also available for times when you need to focus.
An Integrated Online Portal
Our online portal makes it easy to see upcoming appointments, manage payments, track progress and communicate with your entire care team.
Your care team can save you the stress of relaying information from office to office by communicating directly with your child's school or other doctors and advocating for your child.
A Collaborative Team
Members sit down regularly with their multidisciplinary care team to review progress. You'll gain valuable insights from a group of clinicians who know your family and possess a wealth of knowledge in different areas.
Workshops and Community Events
We frequently host workshops, skill-building groups and special events for the Leiya community. Members are always welcome to participate in any of these special offerings with no additional charge.

Working With Insurance

Leiya is an out-of-network provider, but families can work directly with their insurance providers to submit claims for reimbursement. Leiya provides superbills that breakdown all of the treatment included in your family’s care pathway. You can also use a Health Savings Account (HSAs) to pay for care.

If you have questions about membership, payment options, or to request a superbill, please email

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