Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate conditions for everyone in our community to realize their own potential for growth and connection.

All people have the potential for tremendous growth. But like plants, people flourish in the right conditions.

Just as palm trees need more sunlight than pine trees, people need different things to grow. When someone is struggling, we think like gardeners and ask ourselves: what conditions does this person need to thrive?

We believe in:

Everybody is capable of growth and change. We strive to understand and create the unique conditions that individuals needs to reach their potential.
People thrive when they feel safe and understood. Leiya provides a comfortable, compassionate, and predictable environment for families and for our staff.
Life is complicated, but mental health care doesn’t have to be. We prioritize clear communication and transparency with everyone in our community.
Everyone is doing their best. We value all perspectives and create opportunities to learn from each other.
All are welcome and valued in the Leiya community. We embrace our differences and celebrate diversity.

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