Leiya Presents

Dr. Michael Tompkins

Helping Your Child Manage Excessive Performance Anxiety

School-aged children and adolescents are frequently faced with situations where they are being asked to perform either formally or informally, including tests, sports, recitals, interviews, school presentations and social events. Some children and adolescents experience such intense performance anxiety that it hinders their ability to succeed in the classroom, on the stage or playing field, and in their personal lives.

Psychologist and bestselling author Michael Tompkins, PhD, ABPP will share the factors that contribute to excessive performance anxiety and what parents can do to help their children manage anxiety. Tompkins will also talk about how parents can recognize when excessive performance anxiety may reflect an underlying problem and the type of therapeutic support that can help.

Headshot of speaker Michael Tompkins
Registration includes a copy of Tompkin's book, Stress Less: A Teen’s Guide to a Calm Chill Life, which Tompkins will sign following the discussion.

The event will take place at our

Berkeley Location

2999 Regent Street, Berkeley, CA
Tuesday March 19th, 2024
6:30 p.m. PST